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Greetings fellow guitar travellers! My name is Rowan J Parker. Welcome to my website. Here you will find all manner of guitar goodness, from the very simple to the most absurd shred imaginable! My site is a resource for all players, no matter what your level. Enjoy browsing the content, there is a lot of free stuff to be had. Here you will find lessons, backing tracks and also many high quality books and videos covering all sorts of subjects available in the store for instant download. Check them out! So now, grab your guitar and...


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Hammer Time
Pickin Impossible
Don't Fear The Sweeper
Jam Session Volume 1
Jam Session Volume 2
Jam Session Volume 3
Blues Rock Improvisation
Modal Magic
Rockstar Bass Course Primary
Rockstar Keyboard Course Primary
Rockstar Guitar Course Primary
Rockstar Guitar Course Grade 1
Rockstar Guitar Course Grade 2
Rockstar Guitar Course  Grade 3
Rockstar Guitar Course Grade 4
Rockstar Drum Course Primary
Rockstar Drum Course Grade 1
Rockstar Drum Course Grade 2
Rockstar Drum Course Grade 3
Rockstar Drum Course Grade 4

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